You’ve had a cold for over a week now- scratchy eyes, sore, raw throat, runny nose and overall icky feelings. Luckily a friend just told you about the magic healing powers of gargling salt water and you finally feel like you have an advantage over your sickness. However, after blowing through an entire jar of salt, you begin to wonder: how frequently should I really be gargling this stuff?

The information below holds all the answers and more to help you really give your cold the boot.

Does gargling salt water truly help?

A recent article released by the New York Times explains how, thanks to extensive research done by the Mayo Clinic, the sea salt solution extracts moisture from the inflamed areas in the throat (i.e. tonsils) and extinguishes any bacteria from the swollen tissue.

Not only does this help to relive pain when swallowing, but it also prevents the nasty bacteria from spreading to other parts of the throat and body. The study further calculated that a simple saltwater gargle could reduce upper respiratory and tract infections by up to 40 percent.

How frequently should I gargle?

With such drastic, relieving effects on sore throats, gargling salt water all day, every day seems like a reasonable idea. However, the amount of solution you gargle a day should rely largely on how severe your symptoms are.

  • Sore, itchy throat with respiratory congestion: Gargle 3 to 5 times a day until throat is feeling better.
  • Sore, itchy throat without respiratory congestion: Gargle 1-3 times a day until throat is feeling better.
  • Scratchy, irritated throat: Gargle once every one or two days until symptoms disappear.

Do I have to be sick to gargle salt water?

Though saltwater solutions are typically used during times of illness, gargling regularly can prove to be beneficial. The salt can extract even the slightest moisture or bacteria, even if you don’t feel effects of the symptoms, and prevent the potential illness from worsening.

What if I hate the taste of salt water?

For some, the idea of adding a heaping spoonful of salt to warm water can be repulsive. Luckily, there are several solutions to this problem. For one, adding a hint of honey helps counteract the bitterness of salt AND it adds more soothing properties to the concoction.

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