Our Story

Invented by January. On a night in February.

It was a dark and stormy Winter’s eve, about three years ago, when Tim O’Connor swallowed a cactus. Well, not really. But that’s what it felt like in the back of his throat: Dry, prickly, and irritated.

Being uncommonly resourceful, his wife, January, brought forth a lovingly concocted blend of salt water, honey, chamomile, aloe, and mint. “Go. Gargle.” she said.

He did. And when he was done, the cactus in the back of his throat was nowhere to be found.

Fast forward to today. That same “loving concoction” of soothing ingredients has been carefully compressed into a convenient effervescent tablet. And now Tim and January want to share GoGargle!™ with the world. Perfect at work, home, or anywhere your dry, irritated, sore throat begs for soothing relief.

Who the heck is January O’Conner?

She’s the resourceful genius who first invented GoGargle! Trained as an RN – and with three kids of her own – she spent months tinkering with different ingredient combinations, until she came up with the soothing, great tasting combination now available in stores.

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