What Are People Saying about GoGargle! Salt Water Effervescent Tablets?

“For the last couple of days, I woke up with a sore throat that got better as the day went on but last night it was getting worse. I gargled with GoGargle! ™ in the evening and right before going to sleep and woke up this morning without any irritation in my throat.”

– Harman S.
Underwriting Supervisor
San Francisco, CA

“Wow, that’s different. I really like the minty freshness. GoGargle! ™ is much better tasting than my usual salt water gargle.”

Marketing Manager
Denver, CO

“I don’t ever do this but I had to write to you about your product. I am the mom of 3 kids and we had the “cold” go through our house like a freight train. First it was one child, then my husband, then the other two and finally me. I ordered your family 4 pack (thank you for shipping it for free) and we began gargling like crazy. From the first gargle, we noticed a difference in how our throats felt. By the next morning, everyone said their throats felt so much better. Nobody seemed to mind when I said to keep gargling the second day. We have our new “go to” gargle when we start to have an itchy throat. Thank you for making something nobody liked to do and turned it into something we can’t do without!”

New Hampshire

You don’t have to take our word for it—try GoGargle! today!